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As a team of experienced professionals in the field of 3d letter bending, we deliver the best solutions for companies producing channel letters, custom signs and advertising coffers.

Automatic Letter Bender products is a line of fully automated CNC letter bending machines for channel letters, logos, signs, symbols, and the coffers of unusual shape. Each 3D letter bender we offer is specialized to work with a group of tapes used in the construction of the mentioned advertising signs.

Our goal is to provide the best solutions for bending channel letters.


ALB-01 DELUXE 160 is a high precision bender that work's with thin, flat or flanged aluminium stripes. Characterized with patented software for length-feedback control. Exceptional precision of feeding, bending and notching.

ALB-03 SSA 110 is the best choice for bending channel letters from flat strips of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and many others. Due to the excellent mechanical properties this letter bender is perfect for bending channel letters of small size.

ALB-03 SSA 180 PLUS this automatic bending machine is the best choice for bending channel letters from flat strips of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, copper and many others. It works perfectly when bending small, few centimetres high characters, and where precision above average is required.

ALB-03 SSA 180 FLANGER is a bending machine that works perfectly with flat tapes in two options: standard-flat strip and Flanger. Thanks to this option Flanger is possible for bending flat tape while giving effect called “teeth”. This allows you to quickly and easily connect the side of the letter with the back.

ALB-04 UNI 180 is a versatile channel letter bender combining properties of both letter benders from ALB-03 family, ALB-03 SSA 110 and ALB-03 ALUPROFI 110 which allows you to bend both flat tapes and system profiles for bending channel letters.



HD-01 ALU 130 - the automatic bending machine from GREEN SERIES with the single-sided system of cutting intended to flat aluminium tapes of a thickness 0,3-1,0 mm and max. width 133 mm and to profiles – RCP, TGP, DFT, SUPER LETTERS.

HD-02 HYBRID 160 - the automatic bending machine with the double-sided system of cutting intended to flat aluminium tapes and stainless steel tapes of a thickness 0,3-1,0 mm i max. width 160 mm. HD-02 HYBRID 160 bends the iron and galvanised tapes too. It's ideal for profiles - DFT, TGP, RCP, SUPER LETTERS.



ALB-SPEED MASTER 500W is a laser welder unit with outstanding quality and a wide range of adjustment in 3 axes X, Y and Z. This allows you to weld letters fast and easy and gives smooth control while running.

ALB-SPEED MASTER 500W HG DUAL - innovative laser welder with a table and hand gun. The innovative, modern, fast and highly precise laser welder specialized in welding channel letters using a laser beam.

ALB-SPEED MASTER 500W FIBER - a modern laser welding maschine for hand welding using an optical head welding in a gun form. A long fibre optic cable connecting a source of laser light with head allows easy and quick welding even the most complicated spacial structures in the hard-to-reach places.

Until now, the process of bending channel letters was completely manual and difficult, it also required specialized equipment and trained personnel. These factors combined with the time-consuming and the mistakes made make channel letters today the most expensive form of advertising in the market.

Automatic bending machine for block letters allow decreased production time. Bendin one character takes about 3.5 minute. This means that within an hour you can bend as many as 17 characters!

Since channel letters can be made from different materials, we offer the best benders specialized to work with certain types of tapes. Our channel letter bending machines are devices for professionals who want to reduce production time, surprise their customers and beat the competition with high precision of letters production.

We invite you to read the descriptions and pictures of the models in the "Channel letter benders" tab. If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, please contact us by email or phone.